Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Word of the Year

Last year's word was JOY
When I reflected on last year's word, and if I had achieved it, at first I wasn't sure.
Then I realized that indeed my husband and I had achieved a new joy in our love and relationship.
In February he started working again after almost 3 years.
This was the beginning of the next phase of our life together.
We have a new appreciation for our time together and spend of most of it laughing. 

This year's word is:

There are many changes I would like to make happen in 2011.
Too many to list, covering the whole spectrum, from health to career.

This is a piece I made in September to mark the beginning of living as if a leaf in the river of life.

I now try to trust more in the universe and not resist or fight the events around me.
I was inspired to live a more peaceful calm life after listening to
I highly recommend his work.

The leaf is 3 dimensional and floats above the river.
I have found living this way to be much more enjoyable than my old way.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Egg Muffins

My neighbor back in NY posted these on her Facebook, so I had to make them.
Use Puff Pastry sheets by Pepperidge Farm from your local grocery store.
It needs to thaw 40 minutes, I used one sheet.
 Bake some strips of bacon with brown sugar in the toaster oven.
 Fill the muffin tins with the puff pastry and bacon
 Add egg, milk and cheese mixture
 Sip on some coffee as they bake, about 15 minutes
 When the egg puffs up like a muffin, they are done
 They pop right out of the muffin tins
I can't wait to make them again tomorrow.