Thursday, December 29, 2011

FIber Arts Explosion at Marwen

This past fall I taught an art quilting class to 6-8 graders at Marwen.
Marwen is a non-profit that educates and inspires
under-served young people in Chicago through the visual arts.
I had a teaching assistant, 16 female students, and a lot of fun.
The girls loved working with fabric and sewing on a machine.
I was invited to teach the class gain in the spring.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November Journal Pieces 10-12

Week 10
 Painted Self Portrait
 Close up of stitching
 Week 11
I used scraps collected from shirts purchased at thrift stores
The strips are the button section
 I stitched right down the middle of each strip
 Week 12
I liked the way the last piece looked, so I experimented further
 I used the shirt cuffs for strips

Monday, November 21, 2011

Reworked Journal Pieces

This is week 3 reworked
I added binding, the hearts, and some hand stitching
 The hearts are from a good friend's wedding
from way back in 2001 (I think)
 Week 9 reworked with hand stitching around the flame
 and some beads to the candle flame
I am happy with the new results.

Friday, November 4, 2011

52 Journal Pieces, October 2011

Week 5: Chaos
Experimentation with my Janome needle felting machine
I attached it to plastic canvas to create peaks and valleys

Week 6: Leaf
Inspired by a leaf I found on a Sunday walk
I made a rubbing of the leaf using Shiva Paintstiks
and painted over it with Jacquard textile paints

Week 7: Giraffes & Beads
Inspired by the article Collaged Fabric Panels by Mary Hettmansperger
in Quilting Arts magazine, Feb/March 2008

Week 8: Circles & Squares
Inspired by a technique I once saw Judy Coates Perez demonstrate
using Jacquard textile paints on cotton batting.
The batting had been painted years ago. I used black felt for the background.

Week 9: Adrian's birthday
Inspired by my husband's b-day & the Out of the toolbox article on Pentel gel roller

Saturday, October 8, 2011

52 Journal Pieces, September 2011

On August 27th I turned 39.
As a b-day gift to myself I decided to embark on an artistic journey
to explore what 40 means to me by creating weekly 8” x 10”
art quilts leading up to my 40th b-day.

The journey started with inspiration from The Uncommon Quilter: Small Art Quilts Created With Paper, Plastic, Fiber, and Surface Design book by Jeanne Williamson.

As Jeanne states in her book it, “is not about making a perfectly crafted traditional quilt.
Rather, it is about the process of quilt and art making,
with the added benefit of changing your perspective as an artist.”

I invited other artists to join me on this journey, and 20 artists from around the country accepted the invitation.
We share and encourage each other via a Yahoo group.

The rules are simple:
Pick a size.
No starting over on a piece.
This is about play and experimentation, not aesthetics.
No limits to technique or materials.

Here are my pieces from September:

Journal Piece Week 1
Made from thrift store shirt scraps I cut up in Oct 2010

Journal Piece Week 2 
Inspired by a picture of a painting I liked
Week 2 close up

Journal Piece Week 3
Inspired by a pillow in a Crate & Barrel catalogue

Journal Piece Week 4
Inspired by my feelings to not reproduce

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Faces of Change

In December of 2008 I made this piece in response to
the election of the first African American President.
Based on the iconic image from his campaign.
 This lead to a second piece of Abraham Lincoln infused with the word FREE.
I used colonial reproduction fabrics and a matte thread.
 Then added Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., thus creating Faces of Change.
MLK was created with batiks and is infused with the word FAIR.

It has been my great pleasure to work on these pieces
and I hope to conintue to include important historical figures in the future.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mosaic workshop

I had the pleasure of participating in an educators' workshop at Marwen the first week in July.
We made traditional mosaics and stepping stones for a garden using cement and tile scraps.
I sprinkled mine with small green beads.

Here is an experimental piece with a variety of materials including, beads, metal,
fake gemstones, wood & plastic beads, buttons, and glass tiles

Here are some pieces before adding grout

My neighbor's piece
Another for her son
A few of the stepping stones created during the day

Another teacher's
Adding grout makes a big difference

I learned a variety of things about creating and teaching mosaics,
primarily that if I was to teach mosaics in class,
I would stick to the plain cheap one color tiles like in the Be Nice piece above.
You can find a nice variety of colors in these tiles and it is much easier to grout and clean.
Unlike this experimental piece below.