Sunday, February 12, 2012

January Journal Pieces 18, 20, 21, & 22

Week 18, Intention, AKA Word of the year
I started with blank muslin
Wrote in some intentions with a Pentel gel roller for fabric
Then added the first layer of color with water soluble crayons
Used a rubbing plate and shiva paintstiks to create the concentric circles
Letters were done with Misty Fuse and a sheer fabric

Week 20, Elements
 Found and acquired objects

Week 21, Two Gold Ladies
 Experimentation rubbing shiva paintsticks and lace followed by first time gold leafing on silk

Week 22
 A friend gave me a piece of felt she made and I combined it with some fabric I dyed this summer
The whole piece is hand stitched

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thanksgiving piece finished

This is a peice I started for Thanksgiving week and recently finished
I wanted to express my appreciation for opportunities,
combined with support, that have allowed me to blossom and grow.
I started with this picture

I sketched my hand with a Pentel gel roller for fabric and painted the background.
I created the flower pot using painted batting.
I free motion quilted these details
I made leaves using scraps of green fabric
After several weeks of trying to figure out how to make the flowers I stumbled across a bag of napkin holders at the local thrift store that were perfect. I added some color to them with Shiva Paintsticks.
The last step was to add some dimension to the leaves with stitching so they curled.