Monday, August 27, 2012

Ox Bow

I had the great pleasure of spending a week at Ox Bow, in Michigan, the last week in July
The week was focused on learning to weave
This is the beautiful house I stayed in
This is the quaint room I was assigned
I loved it because it had lots of hooks and 2 windows
Ox Box is set deep in the woods
The studio (left) and my house (right) were across the street from each other
The top floor was our studio, downstairs was a printing studio
I love being able to see sunsets when I get the chance
A short drive from Ox Bow was accessibility to Lake Michigan
Ox Bow provides all your meals, this is the lovely kitchen and eating area
Weaving booty
The first day we made our looms and warped them
Finished and warped loom
Before we began on our big loom, we made small pieces
using cardboard. This allowed us the chance to experiment,
and get familiar with the weaving process.
 Another sunset seen from outside the studio
 Some of the artists in the class collaborated on installation pieces
Our studio was big, open, full of natural light, and had air conditioning
We spent the days working on our art until about 11pm 
Our studio also had a big open deck, this came in handy when 
we had no electricity for a day after a big storm
It was great to be so close to the beach
Break time to collect some rocks
Ox Bow is set by a lagoon, sunsets could be quite spectacular
One of our favorite things was going to the 24 hour Toast Bar at 11 pm
A tasty snack and great conversation could always be found
Here are some pictures of me working on my big piece
The last day of class we set up a gallery and had critiques
Everyone's work was incredible.
It was a great week with some great people

This is my big completed piece
Here are some of the other artists' completed pieces

 Below is a small piece I made

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Journal Pieces 44-48

Wk 44, Fish
 Our SDA group had a thermafax workshop with Maggie Weiss
and I was given a fish print, this is what I did with it
It is mounted to a painted canvas

Wk 45, Footprint
 I had the desire to make a footprint
Then I experimented with hand stitching

Wk 46, Making Waves
 Experimentation with scraps and freemotion stitching

Wk 47, Sunset
Inspired by the beautiful sunsets I had the pleasure of experienceing on a recent cruise
Painted and machine stitched

Wk 48, Ox Bow
I was awarded a teacher scholarship to go to Ox Bow in Michigan
for a week long weaving class
This woven piece was inspired by the natural environment of the campus