Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If The Shoe Fits...

Through my friend Sara, from Chicago School of Shoe Making 
I was invited into the Women's Journey in Fiber group
and challenged to make a shoe to represent a journey, mine or someone else's

I decided I wanted to make a clog, and found a pair at the thrift store
I thought I could make a pattern by using duct take
This did not work out
Neither did drilling holes into the clog so I could sew my fiber creation onto it
Here is what I ended up with as my fiber art to cover the shoe with
I wanted to express my journey from traditional quilts to art quilts
Honoring to my hands that allow me to create

Journey to Blossom
  Artist Statement:
I decided on a clog, the traditional footwear of Norway, because I am half Norwegian. As a child my home was surrounded with artifacts from Norway, which instilled a strong connection to this half of my heritage. My father’s parents came to America from Norway, and my Norwegian grandmother was an important part of my upbringing. When I was seventeen I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful country and meeting my relatives.
 Recently I began wearing Dansko shoes, a step up from my Crocs, both modern day clogs.
This shoe represents my journey into the world of fiber. Like most, I started this journey by making traditional quilts, then learned more artistic techniques and surface design methods. The shoe is covered with a traditional pieced quilt that transforms into more artistic expression.
I pay homage to my hands that allow me to create.
The shoe is filled with a garden that is blossoming, just like me.

The exhibition debuted at the Chicago Botanic Garden in early November
at their Fine Art of Fiber event

We set up displays with touch and feel examples from the variety of
techniques used to make the shoes

It was a beautiful weekend for a visit to the garden
The exhibition space was packed most of the time 
and everyone seemed to really enjoy the art
This project was a real challenge, but I am happy with the outcome
and look forward to future challenges from The Women's Journey in Fiber group