Thursday, July 30, 2009

Play Date with Patty

Here are the results of my Play Date with Patty VanHuis- Cox
We used a Tie Dye Kit by Jacquard.

For this piece I squirted some dye onto the table and then squished the muslin onto the dye

I folded the muslin into pleats, then wrapped many rubber bands around it and squirted the different colored dyes onto it.I like this one the best.

These green ones were done by twisting up areas of the fabric and wrapping it into a ball.
Then wrapping rubberbands around it to keep it tight before applying green and yellow dye.

I like this color green, so I like these two a lot.
This one was done in a similar pleat method like the multi colored one above.
The first step is to soak the pieces of muslin in soda ash dye fixer.
This sets the fabric to accept the dye.
Our first experiment was with a chemical that is painted on the fabric so the dyes don’t run when you paint with them. Here is Patty's awesome daughter Maggie painting. We each only did one of these, and most of the color faded when I washed it. More experimenting is called for.
Patty tries it out too.
Here is a green one before I applied the dye.
Here is is with yellow dye.
A close up.
They need to sit in plastic bags for about 4 hours before you can wash them.
Out of the bag, pre washed.
You can use the washing machine with hot water and a 1/2 Tbs of Synthrapol.
The colors fade a little but look great. It was a lot of fun to play with the dyes and an easy process. These kits sell for about $15 and I would highly recommend it for yourself or for a fun afternoon with your kids.

Collage Mania: Hands

Léonie Hartley-Hoover from Canada was kind enough to share her Collage Mania art on her blog, including my piece, Hands. Check it out:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turtle Moon Camp Finished Pieces

Each day at camp we would choose a theme as a group. Having just looked at some of Susan’s Obama inspired pieces with pies in them, including a pie with the word Love in it (see below) we decided on a Love Pie theme for the day.
Here is the whole quilt
Adrian and I started making our own pizzas a few months ago and recently started making them in our skillet. I decided these pizzas, that we love to make and eat, are going to be our love pie.
Here we are with one of our Love Pies fresh out of the oven.
Just above us is the Love Pie quilt completed and already hanging in our kitchen.
Sometimes we drink wine with our Love Pies.
This was not based on a theme for the day,
but more the overall feeling I got from being at camp.
It is called, Buddha and already hangs outside the bedroom to remind me to
keep that peaceful feeling.
On July 4th the crown of the Statue of Liberty was reopened for the first time since 9/11. So Liberty was the obvious choice for the theme of the day. I have a personal connection to Lady Liberty. I grew up on Staten Island in NY and often saw the lovely green lady from the car via the BQE or ferry on our travels into “The City.” I have taken many trips to Liberty Island and traveled up to the crown more than once. You cannot image how big she really is until you see her up close in person.
I was in NY when 9/11 happened. I was teaching in Brooklyn and had a wonderful view of the skyline from my 5th floor classroom. One minute they were there, the next they weren’t. For months after no one knew what the terrorists were capable of, and nothing was sacred. Many a time I wondered if Lady Liberty would be a future target, thankfully she is still standing proud and reminds me of what America has survived.
When I drew her out there was some extra room, so I added eyebrows because I am slightly obsessed with mine. When I quilted her I thought the brows made her look annoyed and decided she is was, annoyed with us. Can you think why that would be? I can.

Friday, July 17, 2009

After Camp and Quilt National

After camp I headed to Athens, Ohio to check out Quilt National.
Here I am outside the Dairy Barn, I was very excited to make it down for the show.
Some of my favorite pieces were:
Bob Adams’ Infrastructure No. 32
Mary Lou Alexander's Glacier
Sue Brenner's Display II
Marianne Burr's Spin Out
Kathleen Loomis’ Memorial Day
Kathleen McCabe's In His Shadow
Judy Rush's Silence
Daphne Taylor's Quilt Drawing #9
Sandra Woock's Blue Bamboo/Blue Breeze
Kathy York's Little Fish In A Big City

Susan told me to stop by this shop to see her friend John Lefelhocz.

Sherry Boram was kind enough to welcome me into her home for a comfy night's sleep on my way back to Chicago from Athens. Here she is with her husband Lary.The highlight of the trip was my time with Sherry. She gave me a personal tour of all her artwork. I left feeling truly inspired by all the different techniques and materials she has used and explored in her art. I now plan to experiment more in my own work. I loved seeing her beautiful studio and meeting her delightful husband, who built their house from the ground up and all their furniture in it. He was kind enough to give me a tour of his studio too.

The next day Sherry and I went to Indianapolis Art Museum before I headed back to Chicago.
Here I am in front of one of my favorite sculptures by Robert Indiana.

Turtle Moon Camp, Wooster, Ohio

I spent the first week in July with Susan Shie at Turtle Moon Camp partially supported by a Community Arts Assistance grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.
With me were 2 other lovely ladies, Jancy from Columbus, Ohio and Laurel from Utah. We learned Susan's creative approach to coming up with art ideas, air pen and airbrush. We had a great time making art, eating and shopping at the local stores of Wooster.
Here is the studio in the basement.
Susan demonstrates how to hold the airbrush.
She begins to create her piece by making a border first.

Always wear a ventilation mask when working with airbrush.

Even when giving instructions.

She is almost done with her design in black.

She will go in and add color with the airbrush then write all over it with the airpen.

Safety is serious stuff.
Susan and Jimmy's house.
Here are our airbrush pieces, mine is the bottom right. A sleep goddess that I am in the process of recreating in appliqué with many of the beautiful fabrics I bought at the local quilt store in Wooster, Sew Krazy, that is in the process of closing, so everything was 1/2 off.
I was not particular please with my first airbrush attempt, but also understand that it was my first attempt at airbrush.
All our work from the week, mine are the pieces on the right.
The Liberty crown for July 4th, Adrian and I making a love pie pizza in our skillet,
a green Buddha, and a stressed Adrian to the left.
We were sad when the last day came and it was time to part ways.
Susan and Jimmy in front of the beautiful garage door she recently painted.
Susan and I ended up at the end of the week with matching jackets and note pads from Laurel