Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quilting Arts Reader Challenge "Let Out Your Inner Animal"

Here is my piece for Quilting Arts magazine Reader Challenge "Let Out Your Inner Animal"
The challenge was to express your inner self using an animal of your choice.
I choose a big pink elephant because I feel my inner animal is my creativity.
It is a powerful force always eager to burst out and face the next project or creative challenge.

I was not selected as a finalist, but greatly enjoyed makeing the piece.
To see all of the ones entered, click here:


The QuiltArt list had a discussion about a word for 2010. Instead of thinking about complex goals or resolutions, break it down to one manageable word as the year's theme.
I decided on the word Joy.
So far this year has brought me great joy. Just weeks into the new year my husband, who had been unemployed for over two and a half years got a job. We are both beyond thrilled with this news and excited to start the new phase of our life. He starts in 2 weeks.
Below is the first piece I made, when I was done it didn't "feel right." It now hangs in my office at work, so I can be reminded to find joy during the challenges of teaching teenagers.
I covered up a picture above our fireplace with some fabric and hung the Joy over it so I can look at often since I spend most of my time in the Living room/studio.
Here it is on my design board above my last piece, I thought it was an interesting combination.
I hope that your 2010 is filled with joy as well.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rust-Tex Challenge Piece

This is my piece for The Rust-Tex Challenge
using hand rust dyed cotton fabric from Patty VanHuis Cox
It is based on this picture I took of my best friend 5 years ago at a party.

First, I changed it to black and white
Then I posterized it to accent the values
Printed an enlarged copy and traced in onto muslin fabric
Then spent several hours painting it with Jacquard textile and Pebeo opaque paints
Add the rust-tex fabric to the background and machine quilt
Finished it just in time for the challenge deadline