Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emotional Body Pieces

The Emotional Body

These two pieces are about how a woman looks at and perceives her mirror image, the difference between reality and what she decides to accept as reality. She may spend time looking in the mirror, often wondering, “Am I sexy?” “Am I beautiful?” She may look in the mirror and see something beautiful that no one else sees, perhaps something she will save for someone special. Or, she may struggle to find even one beautiful aspect of her body. Who knows if the image in the mirror is reality, or if the woman herself is reality? From a young age, the image in the mirror tells her who she is, and she must choose to listen, or turn away and ignore it.

As a woman ages and she looks at herself in the mirror, she may see sagging boobs or cellulite flesh that disgust her in more areas than she remembers. Confused, she doesn’t feel that way until she looks in the mirror. This sagging, cellulite person she sees in the mirror is not the person she thinks she is, until she looks at her reflection. She sees parts of her body weathered by time and is shocked by who she feels she is, and if others see what the mirror sees.

When did the best friend to make funny faces at become so judgmental?Now who does she believe she really is, the woman in the mirror, or who she feels she is?

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