Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dancers piece

This is my latest piece, inspired by the fun of dancing. Here it is appliquéd and pinned, ready to be quilted.

I used Wonder Under for the bodies, and Elmer’s School glue for the rest. Neither seemed to adhere the fabric as well as I would have liked. If anyone has a tip for that, I would love to hear it. I ended up putting in a ton of little pins to make sure it all holds together for layering and quilting.
The three forms are done with polyester satin and metallic fabric, one silver, gold and bronze. I can’t wait to have fun quilting them.

First I applied black, then the blue and pink.

I started with drawing it out with sharpies on muslin, using different colored sharpies to create the various areas of musical waves

Here is a pencil sketch based on the original muslin drawing that I printed from a picture and used colored pencils to get an better understanding of the colors and waves.
Here is my Studio/Living/Dinning room mess from the project.

1 comment:

  1. This is looking very cool! Can't wait to see quilting.
    But what is that sumptuous piece hanging off the table in the last picture - lower right? Looks like another figure! Colors are awesome!