Sunday, November 22, 2009

Primary Chairs

Here is my second chair for Adaptations.

It will be part of a series of 3 chairs called, Primary Chairs

becasue they will be yellow, red and blue, the primary colors.

I wanted the chair to have a white box on it.

To figure out the 2 point prersective for the box

I used tape to create the lines to the 2 vanishing points.

Using the angles of the seat on the chair I was able to figure out the vanishing points.

I used tracing paper to sketch out the cube.

Shiva paint sticks were used to create the shadows.

Black tulle was used to create shading on the cube.

Here are the two chairs together.

The white box represents faith.
The rocks on the yellow chair represents the differnt things or people who help keep you balanced when life is not.

This is a weird shot of the box from a severe right close up angle.

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  1. Very cool! I see what you did with your free time this weekend.