Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shoe Cabinet or Fabric Cabinet?

I found this great piece of furniture in the alley by my home and immediately thought,
"This would be a great thing to store fabric in!"
I liked the idea of using the top shelf for stuff other than fabric.

These empty pencil sharpener boxes fit perfect in the slots.
   But, they needed to be beautified, that is where contact paper comes in handy.
A surprisingly hard item to find, thank goodness for Dollar stores and husbands.
The end result, functional and pretty.
They are empty for now, but I am sure it will not take long before they
are filled up with much needed art making supplies. 
Fabric pieces fit perfectly in the slots sideways, which makes for easier removal.


  1. What a great storage find! Love how you decorated the pencil sharpener boxes too. I've thought of using fabric or wallpaper for that, but not contact paper. I like your idea much better....easy to clean too. Thank you

  2. That is a great find! So glad I found your blog via facebook. I invite you to link up to my Finished for Friday every week. Always fun to find another quilter/crafter.

    (and Fred is really cute!)