Monday, July 5, 2010

Heal The Ocean, Oil Disaster Response Piece

This piece was inspired by Susan Shie's positive approach to dealing with the oil disaster in the gulf. She posted on her Facebook page about creating a piece for SAQA about healing the gulf, and I thought that was such a wonderful way to work through this disaster that leaves us feeling so hopeless.

My piece is about the Ocean Goddess, who is energized by our prayers and postive healing thoughts to absorb all the oil in the gulf. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but I understand that this disaster will take more than postive thoughts and prayers to fix it.

If you too would like to make a piece of art to help contribute, The Foster Collective,  a Chicago based artist collective, seeks visual and written responses to the oil disaster in the Gulf. All entries must be on gas station paper towels. You can draw, paint, collage or write directly on the paper towel. Or, glue or tape your artwork/photograph to the paper towel. Paper towels can be found at any gas station and are usually in the same container as the windshield squeegee. Paper towels can be any color or texture. The postmark deadline for inclusion in the Landslide Gallery exhibition is July 19.

I hope to make a piece for that exhibit, too.


  1. Beautiful, Jeanette. It helps to 'do' something while we wait for a solution to this horrible disaster.
    I can only imagine how those who are physically close to it, and suffering in all ways, must be feeling and that is the immediate damage.

  2. What a beautiful expression of hope and concern! jw

  3. Jeanette. This is beautiful! I really love its concept, too! It's very, very powerful! I love how you've put the hearts into the quilting, and they're not sweet hearts, but very nice. Your goddess looks really strong and loving!

    Thanks for the link to my site, too. I'm thrilled that my little piece could inspire you to do this one! Love, Susan

  4. Thank you. I hope others will do the same, either to focus on positive healing energy, or create pieces that help them deal with the disaster in a way that helps them.

  5. Wonderful Response- Hopefully this will bring us to embrace different energy sources.

  6. Beautiful piece! I live where we are getting tar balls from the spill and it is uplifting to see a positive look on it. My thoughts churn with thoughts of dying sea life...thank you for sharing this piece.