Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Word of the Year

Last year's word was JOY
When I reflected on last year's word, and if I had achieved it, at first I wasn't sure.
Then I realized that indeed my husband and I had achieved a new joy in our love and relationship.
In February he started working again after almost 3 years.
This was the beginning of the next phase of our life together.
We have a new appreciation for our time together and spend of most of it laughing. 

This year's word is:

There are many changes I would like to make happen in 2011.
Too many to list, covering the whole spectrum, from health to career.

This is a piece I made in September to mark the beginning of living as if a leaf in the river of life.

I now try to trust more in the universe and not resist or fight the events around me.
I was inspired to live a more peaceful calm life after listening to
I highly recommend his work.

The leaf is 3 dimensional and floats above the river.
I have found living this way to be much more enjoyable than my old way.


  1. The leaf piece is great and better with the sentiment that exists with it.