Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Remembering the Twin Towers

On September 10, 2000 I took a leap of faith and told my boyfriend I loved him.
We were sitting on a bench watching speed boats zoom by on the Hudson River.
He said, “Thank you.” 

On September 11, 2002 as we rode the 1 train uptown to attend the 1 year memorial in Central Park, we discussed marriage. I had always been opposed to the traditional concept of a man proposing and said, “What if we, as a couple, decided to get married?” He replied “ok.”
Several months later we became husband and wife.

We had moved in together about a week before the attacks. He had lived in an area just across the street from the WTC. We spent our courtship in the shadow of those two majestic towers. I would ride the R train from Brooklyn to the Cortland stop. I’d rise from the underground and be greeted by them. I would walk towards them, into them, through them, to reach my love.

We discovered each other as we explored a new part of the city, later named Ground Zero. We fell madly in love and the towers witnessed this, including my declaration of love.

This is how I wish to remember them, a magical time when my heart fully came alive.

My husband and I visited Ground Zero in July during a trip to see family.
Here is the subway station I used to exit. There is Ground Zero in the background.
 Here is a view of the Freedom Tower from near where he used to live.
It was an emotional visit for us.


  1. What a beautiful piece, Jeanette!

  2. So sweet, gentle and hopeful! I have "thought out" my quilt weeks ago (Ecclesiastes) but have not made it yet. I love the shaft of light Jeanette!

  3. Sweet story and the quilt tells it so well!

  4. Hi Jeanette. This piece moves me so much. I didn't go right down to the towers, most of the time I lived in NY, only 6 months in 1988 for a residency at PS#1. Later I took the subway at the WTC and was shocked at their hugeness. This has stayed with me: how massive they were, and the shock that they could go down. I can't imagine your feelings, since your life is so entwined with them - how well you KNOW the size of the loss of life involved. I'm so glad your love is alive and well. Love, Susan

  5. Very powerful piece both in the imagery and the feeling it conveys.

  6. Thank you. Once again you leave me speechless.