Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weeks 31-35

Week 31, 27 eT
 Since my birthday is on the 27th, I am obsessed with the # 27.
The green swirl is the last letter of my first name, and the first letter of my last name
as I sign it in my signature
I used silk and sheers

Week 32, The 70's
This patch had been donated to me and several months ago, if not years, I had
made the patch into this small quilt
The colors and feel of the fabrics reminded me so much of my childhood
I decided to repurpose it using a variety of surface design techniques
I painted on it
Used bubble wrap to stamp patterns on it
Used paint sticks and fabric gel pens to decorate the piece
Then I appliqued some fabric, sheers, and scraps of netting
Adding final touches with some stitching
This piece was a whole lot of fun to work on.
I tried to be spontaneous and not over think any design choices

Wk 33, Peace
Artist Maggie Weiss presented a thermafax workshop at her beautiful studio
in Evanston for Illinois SDA members
Here she is running an image through the machine
This creates a screen so the image can be reproduced many times
Here we are making our prints
Maggie explains the different paints to us
I made several prints and made them into small postcards

I accidentally printed on the wrong side, so I screened a peace the correct way
This is to remind you to live with peace inside and outside yourself
Close up of stitching

Wk 34, Maneater
I had so much fun repurposing that patch (I have 3 of them) I decided to do another one.
When I was about 10 I crawled into my brother's bunk bed and decided to see what
listening to music was like. I turned on the clock radio and the song
Maneater by  Hall & Oates was playing.
I listened for a while and decided that music made no sense, a woman can't eat a man.
I turned the radio off deciding music was not for me.
I used several surface design techniques on this piece too.
I now need to have the radio on at all times and love music.

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  1. I like your quilt entilted 27 because it is very abstract and I love how the number 27 stands out with the sheer fabric. Very unique!