Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrity Cruise Contemporary Art Collection

I just got back from a Celebrity cruise with my whole family for my mom's 75th birthday.
One thing that surprised me was the large collection of art on the ship.
It turns out that Celebrity has one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary art
with over 14,000 pieces in their collection.
You can learn more about their collection in this short video.

These bustes exotiques were a main feature in between floors in the central staircase.
They are by artist Liza Lou

If you take a Celebrity Solstice cruise you can borrow an iPad and take a tour of pieces in their collection.


  1. Thanks for this series of posts! I love Liza Lou's work and, as you've pointed out, this is a good potential sales venue.

  2. I followed your link from SAQA and am glad I did. Thanks for posting all the great pics! Being surrounded by great art would certainly sway my choice of cruise lines and it looks like Celebrity has a top notch collection.