Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adaptations Piece

This is a piece I made for Fiberarts Connection of Southern California Adaptations Challenge.

Adaptations intent is to illustrate the many ways we have made the choice to reformulate and recommit in response to changes in environment: personally, socially and structurally. Adaptations are seen everywhere around us. Disability forces us to adapt. Change in climate forces nature to adapt and people to migrate. Change in economics forces us all to adapt our spending or life style. Change in age forces us to adapt our reactions. As you see Adaptations are everywhere around us.

This is the original picture taken while at Ox Bow Art Camp, MI the summer of 2008.

The actual chair is quite small, maybe 15" tall. I noticed it in a bathroom.

I edited the original picture to come up with this, enlarged and printed it out to make a template.
The background is pieced using traditional quilting techniques.

The Chair is appliqued and shading was added using Shiva Paint Sticks.

The forms, which are rocks to me, were thread painted to add texture and weight.

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