Monday, October 5, 2009

The Eye of The Quilter Photo Challenge

I received my card of acceptance that one of my photographs will be in The Eye of The Quilter show in Houston.
For this year’s International Quilt Festival Karey Besenhan ran a photography contest, called Eye of the Quilter. Winning photos will be printed to 8" x 11" size and displayed at the International Quilt Festivals. They did not need to be photos that were made into quilts, just pictures that have inspired us as quilters.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: This was an art installation I was fortunate enough to catch at sunset and thought, "If Dorothy can follow the Yellow Brick Road, why can't I?"

Reflected Sunset: Sometimes when we look ahead, we forget what is right behind us.

Sunset Wine: What could be more relaxing than a glass of wine while watching a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan? This is one of my favorite pictures. I have it posted in my studio space. It reminds me of the naturally beautiful things in life and to relax and enjoy the simple moments.

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