Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rust-Tex Challenge Piece

This is my piece for The Rust-Tex Challenge
using hand rust dyed cotton fabric from Patty VanHuis Cox
It is based on this picture I took of my best friend 5 years ago at a party.

First, I changed it to black and white
Then I posterized it to accent the values
Printed an enlarged copy and traced in onto muslin fabric
Then spent several hours painting it with Jacquard textile and Pebeo opaque paints
Add the rust-tex fabric to the background and machine quilt
Finished it just in time for the challenge deadline


  1. This is just a stunning piece. I love the whole color scheme that you used.

  2. THis is very very cool... I just love it.. You did a great job...

  3. Interesting that it looks like you used the powder on the background that Lois calls "smoke" in her pieces.

    She's a beautiful woman and the portrait is wonderfully executed. I cringed to see her puffing on a cigarette though. Was that your message? Or just me?

  4. It's fabulous and I like the way you took us through your process.

  5. Yes--stunning! Loved the colors and the great rusty/smokey background. A beautiful piece.