Sunday, January 31, 2010


The QuiltArt list had a discussion about a word for 2010. Instead of thinking about complex goals or resolutions, break it down to one manageable word as the year's theme.
I decided on the word Joy.
So far this year has brought me great joy. Just weeks into the new year my husband, who had been unemployed for over two and a half years got a job. We are both beyond thrilled with this news and excited to start the new phase of our life. He starts in 2 weeks.
Below is the first piece I made, when I was done it didn't "feel right." It now hangs in my office at work, so I can be reminded to find joy during the challenges of teaching teenagers.
I covered up a picture above our fireplace with some fabric and hung the Joy over it so I can look at often since I spend most of my time in the Living room/studio.
Here it is on my design board above my last piece, I thought it was an interesting combination.
I hope that your 2010 is filled with joy as well.

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