Sunday, November 28, 2010

Basement Discoveries

While at a friend's parents' house for Thanksgiving, playing a post-dinner Round Robin Ping Pong game in their basement, I noticed a striking fiber piece tucked behind some stuff.
As a fiber artist, I was immediately intriged and asked about it.
I was told that it came with the house 37 years ago.
Not being their taste, it has lived in the basement since then.
 It was made of unusual material and I was attracted to the earthy feeling.
Knowing how I love fiber, they offered it to me. 
Of course I accepted, a sucker for fiber and anything free, 
my husband and I crammed it into the backseat of our car.
 We have no wall space left, but the thought of leaving it hidden,
tucked away in a basement didn't seen right.
Employing the wonders of modern technology, I Googled the artist.
It turns out that Helen Webber was not a challenge to find.
 Here is a side view, you can see the unique textures created from the fabric and cording.
Not sure what we'll do with it, I'd like to find a nice home for it,
since it really is a beautiful piece.
It brings me joy, not only because I love trees and it is so unusual, but also
because it is a basement discovery that we now have the opportunity to give a new life.

I can't help but also feel a little sad thinking of my own art,
and where it might end up in 37 years.
The story of this piece is not that uncommon,
it is the nature of art and the unpredictable life it will live.
Just something to keep in mind as you make your art,
you make it for that moment and once you set it free, you can only hope for the best.
It will have its own life, maybe it will live on someone's wall to bring everyday joy,
or maybe it will have a rebirth many years later and enlighten and bring joy.


  1. This is a gorgeous piece. Congrats on your good fortune! If you really need to find a home, I do have plenty of wall space. :)

  2. You might try contacting the artist before you give it to someone else. I know there are a few pieces that I parted with in the past that I wouldn't mind having back.

  3. I absolutely love it... I would love to have it at my home


  4. If you or the Webbers don't want it, maybe it can be auctioned to benefit a fiber arts or other worthy organization.

  5. I will have to think about what to do with it, including requests to buy it. I did find out that the person who gave it to me, did display it for a few years. She also said that she saw other pieces by the artist at a Hilton recently.