Saturday, November 13, 2010

September-November 2010

There has been a few important things that I have been involved in over the last several months, including working on my National Board Certification. It is an intense and extremely time consuming process. That being said, my updates will be sporadic in the next 6 months as I focus on getting through the writing process involved with passing it.
Here is the chart I made for it:

In September, I put together an exhibit of the show, The Unspoken Truth About Color: A Dialogue in Art Quilts About Racism at The Facing Race Conference in Chicago. The exhibit includes 27 diverse artists from around the county that contributed 31 pieces to the show.
 Here is the entrance to the "gallery"
  We used cheap easels and foam core to display the pieces
 Here I am with my two pieces
 Carol Beck came up all the way from North Carolina to help, she stayed in the gallery the whole time, speaking to everyone who came in. Here she is with here piece.
 She shared the personal stories behind the pieces
as well as educated attendees about racism and art quilting.
 The space was well lit and often filled with people.
The public response to the show was incredible.
Many had strong emotional responses to the pieces
and thanked us for sharing such a powerful show at the conference.
 Here we are with our conference organizer, Donna Hernandez,
an amazing woman and new friend.
This exhibit will travel with the Mancuso Quilt Festival in 2011
in Chicago April 27 – May 22, 2011.

Opening reception will be on Friday, April 29, 2011 from 6 to 9 p.m
in conjunction with the YWCA’s National Day of Commitment to Eliminate Racism.

In October I had my first public show as part of The Ravenswood Art Walk, where over 300 artists and businesses participated in the 9th Annual Tour of Arts & Industry in the Ravenswood Corridor in Chicago. This self-guided tour of open studios, galleries and spaces along the historic Ravenswood Corridor
is the annual kick off to the 15th Annual Chicago Artists Month.

I was assigned 34 feet of wonderful wall space in one of the participating buildings.

 You can read about many of these pieces in old blog posts.
I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to share my work with the public
and experience first hand people's reactions to my work, which was all good.
Many were interested in the medium since fiber work is not usually well represented at shows
like this. I enjoyed sharing my process and techniques with interested viewers.
 Dancers below, inspired by a friend's wedding and how fun it was to dance.
Yes piece below is a third in a series called, I am Am I
 The Belly Dancers that I started in November of last year
when I saw them perform at the Ravenswood Art Walk.
 I was thrilled to finish them in time for this year's Ravenswood Art Walk.
I hope to find some time between NBC writing to make some new pieces,
if I do I will post about them. 

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