Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mosaic workshop

I had the pleasure of participating in an educators' workshop at Marwen the first week in July.
We made traditional mosaics and stepping stones for a garden using cement and tile scraps.
I sprinkled mine with small green beads.

Here is an experimental piece with a variety of materials including, beads, metal,
fake gemstones, wood & plastic beads, buttons, and glass tiles

Here are some pieces before adding grout

My neighbor's piece
Another for her son
A few of the stepping stones created during the day

Another teacher's
Adding grout makes a big difference

I learned a variety of things about creating and teaching mosaics,
primarily that if I was to teach mosaics in class,
I would stick to the plain cheap one color tiles like in the Be Nice piece above.
You can find a nice variety of colors in these tiles and it is much easier to grout and clean.
Unlike this experimental piece below.

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