Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blind Eye: The Result of Doing Nothing

I am the proud Illinois rep for The Surface Design Association.
We were fortunate to be allotted space to exhibit our members' talents 
for the month of October at a quaint gallery called, HumanThread in Pilsen, Chicago Il.

The HumanThread Center for Peace, Arts & Education is a non-profit that engages individuals in conversation about peace, non-violence, and human dignity through art, education and discussion. 

We decide on the theme, Blind Eye: The Result of Doing Nothing
Exhibition Concept:  Too often today we see tragic situations that result from the lack of action. This exhibition hopes to explore the destructive results of ignoring a situation or people’s ignorance to thinking everything will be ok when they choose to not get involved in making the world a better place.

Here are my pieces from the show

The Golden Chair
 As children we are told, education is the key. The key to opportunity and a successful future. Yet, society turns a blind eye to all the external influences and forces that teachers must struggle against to provide a quality education.
 As a public school art educator in Chicago, this is a deeply personal piece for me.
While I was not on strike because I work at a charter, I was passionately on the side of the teachers.
Education in America is a complex issue. It is easy for those on the outside to judge, suggest, criticize, evaluate, and offer "solutions".  They do this with ignorance, because they do not see all the other influences that we, in the battlefield of education, have to face on a daily bases.
This piece challenges you to see those issues.

They are a bit easier to see from the back of the piece.

 A Portrait of Rich

 What a wonderful life money can provide. A safe green bubble that shields you from many of life’s daily challenges. Easy to turn a blind eye to the struggles and challenges most Americans and people around the world face each day. Why worry about them or the world when you live such a nice comfy life?
 This piece speaks of what I hear coming from many politicians and media personalities today.
It makes me angry and sad. When did America become a nation of, I got mine, screw you?

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