Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turtle Moon Camp Finished Pieces

Each day at camp we would choose a theme as a group. Having just looked at some of Susan’s Obama inspired pieces with pies in them, including a pie with the word Love in it (see below) we decided on a Love Pie theme for the day.
Here is the whole quilt
Adrian and I started making our own pizzas a few months ago and recently started making them in our skillet. I decided these pizzas, that we love to make and eat, are going to be our love pie.
Here we are with one of our Love Pies fresh out of the oven.
Just above us is the Love Pie quilt completed and already hanging in our kitchen.
Sometimes we drink wine with our Love Pies.
This was not based on a theme for the day,
but more the overall feeling I got from being at camp.
It is called, Buddha and already hangs outside the bedroom to remind me to
keep that peaceful feeling.
On July 4th the crown of the Statue of Liberty was reopened for the first time since 9/11. So Liberty was the obvious choice for the theme of the day. I have a personal connection to Lady Liberty. I grew up on Staten Island in NY and often saw the lovely green lady from the car via the BQE or ferry on our travels into “The City.” I have taken many trips to Liberty Island and traveled up to the crown more than once. You cannot image how big she really is until you see her up close in person.
I was in NY when 9/11 happened. I was teaching in Brooklyn and had a wonderful view of the skyline from my 5th floor classroom. One minute they were there, the next they weren’t. For months after no one knew what the terrorists were capable of, and nothing was sacred. Many a time I wondered if Lady Liberty would be a future target, thankfully she is still standing proud and reminds me of what America has survived.
When I drew her out there was some extra room, so I added eyebrows because I am slightly obsessed with mine. When I quilted her I thought the brows made her look annoyed and decided she is was, annoyed with us. Can you think why that would be? I can.

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  1. Jeanette, these are WONDERFUL!!! While I can certainly see that you've been to Lucky's camp (you lucky lucky thing, you!) your own style is coming through and the pieces just SING. Well done!