Friday, July 17, 2009

Turtle Moon Camp, Wooster, Ohio

I spent the first week in July with Susan Shie at Turtle Moon Camp partially supported by a Community Arts Assistance grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.
With me were 2 other lovely ladies, Jancy from Columbus, Ohio and Laurel from Utah. We learned Susan's creative approach to coming up with art ideas, air pen and airbrush. We had a great time making art, eating and shopping at the local stores of Wooster.
Here is the studio in the basement.
Susan demonstrates how to hold the airbrush.
She begins to create her piece by making a border first.

Always wear a ventilation mask when working with airbrush.

Even when giving instructions.

She is almost done with her design in black.

She will go in and add color with the airbrush then write all over it with the airpen.

Safety is serious stuff.
Susan and Jimmy's house.
Here are our airbrush pieces, mine is the bottom right. A sleep goddess that I am in the process of recreating in appliqué with many of the beautiful fabrics I bought at the local quilt store in Wooster, Sew Krazy, that is in the process of closing, so everything was 1/2 off.
I was not particular please with my first airbrush attempt, but also understand that it was my first attempt at airbrush.
All our work from the week, mine are the pieces on the right.
The Liberty crown for July 4th, Adrian and I making a love pie pizza in our skillet,
a green Buddha, and a stressed Adrian to the left.
We were sad when the last day came and it was time to part ways.
Susan and Jimmy in front of the beautiful garage door she recently painted.
Susan and I ended up at the end of the week with matching jackets and note pads from Laurel

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  1. Thanks, Jeanette. It's really Turtle Art Camp, but YOU can call it Turtle Moon Camp! :) I love what you've written and shown.
    We miss you. Love, Lucky and Jimmy