Thursday, July 30, 2009

Play Date with Patty

Here are the results of my Play Date with Patty VanHuis- Cox
We used a Tie Dye Kit by Jacquard.

For this piece I squirted some dye onto the table and then squished the muslin onto the dye

I folded the muslin into pleats, then wrapped many rubber bands around it and squirted the different colored dyes onto it.I like this one the best.

These green ones were done by twisting up areas of the fabric and wrapping it into a ball.
Then wrapping rubberbands around it to keep it tight before applying green and yellow dye.

I like this color green, so I like these two a lot.
This one was done in a similar pleat method like the multi colored one above.
The first step is to soak the pieces of muslin in soda ash dye fixer.
This sets the fabric to accept the dye.
Our first experiment was with a chemical that is painted on the fabric so the dyes don’t run when you paint with them. Here is Patty's awesome daughter Maggie painting. We each only did one of these, and most of the color faded when I washed it. More experimenting is called for.
Patty tries it out too.
Here is a green one before I applied the dye.
Here is is with yellow dye.
A close up.
They need to sit in plastic bags for about 4 hours before you can wash them.
Out of the bag, pre washed.
You can use the washing machine with hot water and a 1/2 Tbs of Synthrapol.
The colors fade a little but look great. It was a lot of fun to play with the dyes and an easy process. These kits sell for about $15 and I would highly recommend it for yourself or for a fun afternoon with your kids.


  1. These look great!!! I love, love love that middle one! So does Madelyn. I have to take pics of ours and post. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love all of these. I was just playing with paint yesterday and plan to do more today. See results on my blog.