Sunday, October 25, 2009

Margaret’s Hope Chest: Quilts for Homeless Children

These are two traditional quilts I made for Margaret’s Hope Chest,

a quilting non-profit organization that serves other people in seemingly hopeless situations. They strive to share with people around the world the HOPE that we have been given. They have partnered with Craft Hope

and made it their goal to provide a quilt for each child in the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Public School system who is homeless during the Holiday season.

They estimate they will need 400 quilts.

This project touched me deeply, and knew I needed to make a quilt.

I pictured these children and thought about how much a homemade quilt would mean to them. The project was easy, make a quilt out of squares.

Any size, any number, any color.

I spent almost an hour trying to pick out the right fabrics to communicate “you are loved” to the child who would receive my quilt.

The fabric I found, and had to have in the quilt had, “bloom, imagine, love, sing, dance, believe, create, wish and play” written on it.
Since traditional quilts are not my thing, I over estimated how much fabric I would need. So I ended up with enough squares to make 2 quilts.

Though this meant extra work, I thought about a pair of sisters receiving them.

I am fortunate enough to have a sister, and growing up we often had matching things. I hope that if there are a pair of sisters, they will be thrilled to have matching quilts.

Here is a picture of me and my sister as kids

All grown up now, here we are with her daughter
I finished one quilt so far, and the top for the second.
They are slightly different in pattern.
I quilted hearts and XO's
The second top, I hope to quilt it during the week.
I had this adorable flannel fabric for the backing
They are due November 16th.

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