Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ravenswood Walk 2009, The Blago Project Exhibit

This past weekend was the Ravenswood Walk, http://www.ravenswoodartwalk.org/09 an art event in the Ravenswood area of Chicago where we live. Artists open up their studios, galleries and local businesses display art by Ravenswood artists. It is the kick off event for Chicago Artist's Month, http://chicagoartistsmonth.org/home.html in Chicago.

My husband and I both had pieces in the The Blago Project exhibit. The theme of the exhibit was “Rod Blagojevich.” The purpose of this exhibit was to enhance open commentary of the alleged corruption and salacious rumor, accusation and innuendo that has been hiding in the Ravenswood Corridor. The exhibit was held in none other than the wiretapped offices of “Friends of Blagojevich” located at 4147 North Ravenswood Avenue.

This is my piece, The Court Jester, 24" x 24". I used colors typically used for a harlequin because I find Blagojevich amusing to watch, never knowing what he will do next.

Close up
This is my husband’s painting, The Stormy Sea. We went to the walk on Saturday and back again on Sunday. About an hour before the event ended, my husband received a call from someone interested in purchasing his piece. He ran right over and made the sale, it was an exciting moment for us both, but especially for him since this was his first exhibit. When he walked in and met the buyer, he said, “I saw you walk up to the building and thought, this guy looks like an artist who just made a sale.” He said the piece cracked him up and that he wanted to buy it because he has been in that boat several times himself.
I like to tease my husband that he has me to thank because a few years ago I encouraged him to take a watercolor class with me at the Park District. Ever since then he has been hooked on painting.
A piece in the exhibit made with Lite Brite.
A desk filled with newspapers and official papers found in the office after they moved out.

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